Archos Gen-6 5G PMP is 3G Web Surfing, HD Video, Touchscreen Beauty

Archos just revealed what that curtain tease » 8/19/08 1:00pm 8/19/08 1:00pm was all about: the 6th Gen Archos 5, 5G and 7 series PMPs. The 4.8" flagship 5G ditches the tired interface and buttons of the for a slick UI and touchscreen-only operation. It's got Wi-Fi, HD video support, web browsing, email, a huge HDD (up to 250GB), and built-in HSPDA…

It's Time V1.0 Brings Leopard Theme, Usable Dock to 5G iPod

Apparently, the It's Time hack provides iPod classic users with a proper Leopard theme, complete with a usable dock and other added OS X inspired fun stuff, including a Front Row-esque Now Playing screen and Finder-styled progress bars. We haven't confirmed this one ourselves and the images certainly are rendered, but… » 3/29/08 3:25pm 3/29/08 3:25pm

iPod 5 and 5.5G Get Firmware Upgrade to iPod Classic

Unlike with the Zune upgrade, Apple didn't back-port all the new features in the iPod classic to the iPod 5 and 5.5Gs, even though the hardware wasn't all that different. Good news for you, because hackers have figured it out themselves and released an upgrade so you can get in on the new menu action. From what we've… » 10/15/07 1:13pm 10/15/07 1:13pm