Paul Allen Dishes the Gossip on Bill Gates (and His Yacht) on 60 Minutes

Yesterday, a new book on Bill Gates and Microsoft hit store shelves—Idea Man. Only this one has been penned by Microsoft co-creator Paul Allen, who appeared on 60 Minutes to talk about the early days of Microsoft; the computers they were writing software on, and just what went wrong along the way between the two… »4/18/11 3:40am4/18/11 3:40am

Andy Rooney hates electronic books. The sky is blue. Tonight's forecast is darkness and other really obvious, unsurprising things.

Andy Rooney just concluded tonight's 60 Minutes (which featured an amazing segment on polar bears and spy cameras) with a segment of his own on digital books and devices like Kindle. Any guesses as to what he thinks about books that aren't printed on paper? Update: Video is available at Watch watch! [Andy… »3/06/11 8:20pm3/06/11 8:20pm

60 Minutes Reporter Investigates China's E-Waste Pits, Gets Attacked

Click to view »11/07/08 1:25am11/07/08 1:25am 60 Minutes correspondent Scott Pelley went to Guiyi, China to document the lives of Chinese e-waste workers there. He was able to get footage of what these pits, which process much of the toxic electronic scrap we in the West throw away, look like—despite being jumped by angry e-waste lot owners and…

Heat Ray Causes Unintelligible Yelping from 60 Minutes Reporter

Remember the US Military ray gun that makes people feel like they're on fire? Well, 60 Minutes sent out a reporter to see if he could take the heat. Standing in plain view of the ray gun made his body feel like "scalding water," so David Martin attempted, with little success, to hide behind a piece of plywood and… »2/29/08 3:00pm2/29/08 3:00pm