Epson's P-6000 and P-7000 Photo Viewers Look Semi-Decent, But Expensive

Epson's got two LCD-based photo viewers in the P-6000 and P-7000 that don't look half bad. They have 80GB and 160GB respectively, with RAW support, 35% faster image download speed compared to old models, 640x480 resolution, and a 94% reproduction of the Adobe RB color gamut. The price-$599 and $799-reflect the fact… » 8/05/08 4:20pm 8/05/08 4:20pm

Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse 6000 Gussied Up for Version 2.0

Here's a sneak preview of version 2.0 of Microsoft's Wireless Laser Mouse 6000 that's currently making its way through the FCC, since, after all, it is a wireless device. It's not altogether clear exactly what's been changed here, but aside from that flying-saucer-gold paint job with the black trim, its shape is… » 11/12/07 1:30pm 11/12/07 1:30pm

Microsoft's Ergonomic Mice Have Frickin' Lasers, Cradle Your Hands

The Wireless Laser Mouse 8000, Wireless Notebook Presenter Mouse 8000 and Natural Wireless Laser Mouse 6000 are all ergonomic and outfitted with lasers, albeit the non-deadly kind. And they all come in a grey/black motif, which is cool if you're outfitting the Bat Computer, but may not go with all setups. » 9/13/06 5:07pm 9/13/06 5:07pm