First Hands-On with Archos 605 Wi-Fi CinemaNow Downloading PMP

Archos is one of those companies that is known better for its technology than its army of rabid fans. It had a hard-drive-based music player before the iPod, and it had one of the first, if not the first, portable DVRs on the market. Last year it rolled out the 4th generation portable media players, including the… »6/14/07 4:20pm6/14/07 4:20pm

Archos Releases 604, 604 Wi-Fi Firmware Into to Open Source

Thanks to the fact that Archos used GPL and LGPL code in constructing their firmware for the Archos 604 and 604 Wi-Fi devices, they're forced to release just about the source code for said firmware into the public domain. What does this mean to the average Archos 604 user? Not a whole lot, at least right now. The code… »2/14/07 8:25pm2/14/07 8:25pm

Archos 604 WiFi Ultimate Gallery: Why It's a Zune Challenger

The Zune, which comes out next week, isn't the only WiFi media player out there, remember.
The Archos 604 is here today, andI think the Archos might be better by some measures. Simply said, the 4.3-inch touchscreen is perfect, and extremely fingerprint resistant. Photo thumbnails were small enough to fit a ton of… »11/11/06 12:38pm11/11/06 12:38pm