Rumor Says Xbox 360 Getting Another Price Cut in September

The Xbox 360 "price cut" in July wasn't so much a price cut as it was a swapping of parts »8/01/08 4:00pm8/01/08 4:00pm, but Ars says there's an actual price cut coming in September. According to their source—who also told them about the impending 60GB switch-out prior to E3—the Arcade is dropping to $199, the 60GB Pro to $299, and the 120GB Elite…

Xbox 360 Price Cut Rumor Round-Up: 20GB Cheaper to Make Room for 60GB Model

First, there was the leaked K-Mart circular revealing a sweet $50 price cut to the Xbox 360 Premium. Since then, the possibility has gotten firmer. Notably the Hollywood Reporter says that a "major retailer" and industry sources have informed them the cut will happen before E3 (though they call it the Pro). And… »7/01/08 8:00pm7/01/08 8:00pm

Rumor: Microsoft Making 60GB Hard Drives Standard on Xbox 360s

Trusted Reviews says they've got a "rock solid source" who claims Microsoft will dump the standard 20GB hard drive that's now included in the Xbox 360 Premium (which they've since just dubbed Xbox 360) for 60GB drive as early as Q2 of this year. This rumor makes sense if Microsoft's planning on hitting drive-heavy… »3/07/08 2:00pm3/07/08 2:00pm