Rumor: XBox 360 "Jasper" Motherboard Set For 8/08 Release

According to Dean Takahashi of the Mercury News, Microsoft is developing a new motherboard codenamed "Jasper." The upgrade promises to shrink the ATI graphics chip to 65nm and reduce the size of the memory chips as well. If true, this could reduce build costs and the heat problems that have plagued the 360. Although… » 10/10/07 5:50pm 10/10/07 5:50pm

No 65nm Falcons Lurking Inside of New HDMI Xbox 360s

While our hopes were never high, we wished nonetheless that the new HDMI Xbox 360 Premiums would also come packed with the elusive cooler 65nm process chipset ("Falcon") we've been drooling into our pillows over at night. Our slobbery dreams have been shattered by "wonderkins," a NeoGAF member who busted open his… » 8/14/07 9:45am 8/14/07 9:45am

Xbox 360 CPU Possibly Going 45nm in late 2008, early 2009

We still haven't gotten 65nm Xbox 360 processors, and there's already talk of Microsoft's contracted Singaporean chip manufacturer moving on to designing 45nm CPUs for gaming devices. Why is this important? Because the smaller the CPU fabrication size is (90nm vs 65nm vs 45nm), the less power it takes to run and the… » 8/01/07 1:00pm 8/01/07 1:00pm