Sony: PS3 to Get 45-Nanometer Chips Around June

According to David Reeves, president of Sony Computer Entertaintment Europe, the PS3 could get a 45-nanometer Cell chip in a few months. From an interview with The Guardian: » 2/05/09 4:20pm 2/05/09 4:20pm

Sony Playstation 3 Graphics Chips Going More Energy Efficient 65nm This…

The Cell processor in ye old PS3 has been getting the 65nm treatment since the holiday, but the RSX graphics chips inside should get the same in the fall, resulting in slightly more reliable, more energy efficient chips. [Kotaku] » 6/26/08 10:06pm 6/26/08 10:06pm

Reports of Mac mini Demise Greatly Exaggerated

Contrary to earlier reports, Kasper at AppleInsider is now saying that the Mac mini has a long life ahead of it. Well, at least 12 months worth. According to his sources, "A small team of engineers have recently been tasked with gutting the diminutive desktop and applying fresh internals." Such as...? » 3/21/08 6:30pm 3/21/08 6:30pm

Intel Planning 6-Core "Dunnington" Microprocessor

According to the chaps at the Eclipse Developer's Journal (EDJ), Intel is planning a six-core microprocessor, which will go by the Dunnington moniker. » 2/23/08 1:08pm 2/23/08 1:08pm

Nvidia to Launch GeForce 9 in February?

According to DigiTimes sources, Nvidia is planning on rolling out GeForce 9 this February. They also noted that the first chip in the family will be the 65nm D9E —complete with support for DirectX 10.1 and Shader Model 4.1. As with all rumors, this should be taken with a grain of salt, so I wouldn't put your holiday… » 11/30/07 4:59pm 11/30/07 4:59pm

Rumor: XBox 360 "Jasper" Motherboard Set For 8/08 Release

According to Dean Takahashi of the Mercury News, Microsoft is developing a new motherboard codenamed "Jasper." The upgrade promises to shrink the ATI graphics chip to 65nm and reduce the size of the memory chips as well. If true, this could reduce build costs and the heat problems that have plagued the 360. Although… » 10/10/07 5:50pm 10/10/07 5:50pm

Intel Plans Move From 45nm to 32nm Chips

Intel's 45nm Penryn chips aren't even out yet and they're talking about going smaller. Yesterday at their Developers Forum, CEO Paul Otellini, showed off a 300mm wafer built using an impresive 32nm process. Each 32nm chip will contain over 1.9 billion transistors. That's more than 1.4 billion extra transistors… » 9/19/07 3:12pm 9/19/07 3:12pm

No 65nm Falcons Lurking Inside of New HDMI Xbox 360s

While our hopes were never high, we wished nonetheless that the new HDMI Xbox 360 Premiums would also come packed with the elusive cooler 65nm process chipset ("Falcon") we've been drooling into our pillows over at night. Our slobbery dreams have been shattered by "wonderkins," a NeoGAF member who busted open his… » 8/14/07 9:45am 8/14/07 9:45am

Xbox 360 CPU Possibly Going 45nm in late 2008, early 2009

We still haven't gotten 65nm Xbox 360 processors, and there's already talk of Microsoft's contracted Singaporean chip manufacturer moving on to designing 45nm CPUs for gaming devices. Why is this important? Because the smaller the CPU fabrication size is (90nm vs 65nm vs 45nm), the less power it takes to run and the… » 8/01/07 1:00pm 8/01/07 1:00pm

AMD's New Chips Leak

AMD has been surprisingly quiet with their 65nm chips, and now we might know why. The company seems to be having problems with leakage in their new processors, a common problem with shrinking components, where electricity can literally burrow out of a semiconductor and even blow entire circuits. Hit the link for the… » 7/24/07 10:47am 7/24/07 10:47am

Xbox 360 GPU Goes 65nm this Fall

The rumors of Microsoft's Xbox 360 CPU going to a 65nm manufacturing process have been bouncing around for months, but we haven't heard much about the GPU yet. However, Digitimes (who also said the 65nm CPUs were delayed until mid '07) reports that Chinese-language paper Commercial Times claims the upgraded GPUs are… » 4/30/07 2:20pm 4/30/07 2:20pm

Intel Gets More Aggressive, Pentium Prices to Plummet

Chip giant Intel Corp. took the gloves off yesterday, announcing that it's going to be able to cut prices on its older chips faster because of its implementation of more-efficient manufacturing technologies. As Intel moves into a fourth factory it's built, it will be easier for the company to quickly ramp up to more… » 6/09/06 12:14pm 6/09/06 12:14pm

Infineon Rolls Out 65nm Cellphone Chip

If you thought cellphones were already thin, they're set to get even smaller and more powerful toward the end of this year when Infineon Technologies markets its handset chips that use a 65nm (nanometer) process, putting more than 30 million transistors into an area scarcely larger than a postage stamp. The company… » 5/12/06 12:41pm 5/12/06 12:41pm