Windows Mobile 6.5 To Be Renamed Windows Phone "Classic" Instead of…

Cars. Coca Cola. Bo Derek. Mickey Mouse. Transformers on a Saturday Morning. These things are classic. But the renaming of Windows Mobile 6.5 to "Classic" is kinda weird. How about calling it Windows Mobile "Immensely Disliked"? » 2/17/10 7:55pm 2/17/10 7:55pm

HTC HD Mini Runs Windows Mobile 6.5.3, Has Secret Yellow Back

One phone that didn't get leaked to death before the announcement was HTC's HD Mini. After yesterday's WinPho7 launch, Windows Mobile 6.5.3 may seem tired, but the hardware on this industrial wonder is anything but. » 2/16/10 4:45am 2/16/10 4:45am