Nokia Taunts Us With Its 6700 Classic in 18-Carat Gold

Oh, Nokia, when we sniffed at your desire to focus on just mid-to-low end phones for 2010, we didn't mean for you to rush out and paint your 6700 Classic in 18-carat gold. [Nokia Conversations] » 12/09/09 7:10am 12/09/09 7:10am

Sprint, Verizon 6700 Get Unofficial WM6 Updates

A forum member on PPCGeeks patched up a version of Windows Mobile 6—complete with HTC's fancy home screen on the HTC Touch—for the aging Sprint and Verizon 6700 phones. It's not compatible with the 6800 (the Sprint Mogul, which already has WM6), so don't install it there. But if you want to get some extra life out of… » 8/31/07 1:15pm 8/31/07 1:15pm