Mimo 7-Inch USB Displays Make Your Desktop Look Like a Battleoid Cockpit

These 7-inch Mimo monitors from Korean manufacturer Nanovision look like the perfect mini-displays to set up widgets, chat windows, and other software that doesn't require too much real estate-perfect to make your awesome computer rig »10/16/08 11:10am10/16/08 11:10am even more awesome. The good: They only require a USB 2.0 port. The better: As you…

Cowon N3 PMP has 7-inch Screen, GPS, DivX/XviD Support

As dapreview points out, this just-announced Cowon N3 looks quite like the Cowon Q5W we reviewed a few weeks ago. The most noticeable difference comes from the fact that this has a 7-inch screen as opposed to the Q5's 5-incher. Other than that, there's no internal memory—you have to use one of two SDHC slots to add… »12/27/07 3:20pm12/27/07 3:20pm