Analysts Say Ring the Bell, Verizon Set to Win 700MHz Auction

It's been our hunch all along that Verizon would take all in the 700MHz spectrum auction, but analysts are now confirming our suspicions from the other day: Verizon is set to win the most hotly desired slice of airwaves in the country, which can be used for anything from an entirely new mobile broadband service to… »2/06/08 10:29am2/06/08 10:29am

Juicy 700MHz Auction Developments: Google Punked Out?

While the hot and heavy 700MHz a(u)ction is anonymously taking place behind closed doors, we do know a couple of big things have happened. That potential winning bid from Thursday was punked down by a surprise total bid of $4.74 billion. This is juicy because it indicates Google has probably been outbid—assuming it… »2/06/08 12:04am2/06/08 12:04am

Rev Your Engines, FCC 700MHz Spectrum Auction Starts Today

Going once, going twice, sold to Verizon! Or something like that. The FCC's 700MHz spectrum auction starts today, and you can watch all of the hot bidding action right here. It's auction 73, and the page is so exciting I nearly peed my pants.

Don't know what the hell we're talking about? No worries, scan our ultimate… »1/24/08 9:29am1/24/08 9:29am

All Systems Go: 700MHz Auction Rules and Bidders Stamped in Stone

I know I'm a geek because I'm almost as giddy for this as I am for MacWorld: The rules and bidders (214 of 'em) for 700Mhz spectrum auction, which starts on Jan. 24, have been finalized. No surprises here—the heavies like AT&T, Verizon and Google have their shit in order and the C block fireworks look good to go. [Ars] »1/15/08 11:49am1/15/08 11:49am

The Ultimate 700MHz Auction Guide: What It Is, Who'll Win and Why You Should Care

Click to viewYou've probably seen the phrase "700MHz auction" bouncing around these pages quite a bit lately. Some of you know too much for your own good about this, but surely many readers are ashamed to admit you don't know what it means. It's okay, we get frazzled at times, too, so we thought we'd take a moment to… »12/07/07 7:30pm12/07/07 7:30pm

Google Going It Alone in Wireless Spectrum Auction to Open Own Wireless Network

The Wall Street Journal details a lot of the "strong signals" Google's going to bid in the upcoming 700MHz spectrum auction in order to launch a wireless network of its own. Aside from openly declaring "we are making all the necessary preparations to become an applicant to bid," what's really compelling is that »11/16/07 12:55pm11/16/07 12:55pm

FCC Keeps Open Access Provisions for 700Mhz Auction, Delays It

Looks like Verizon's alleged backdoor wheeling-and-dealing was for naught, as the FCC's basically reaffirmed the open access provisions on the "C" chunk of the 700Mhz spectrum up for auction in what looks to be the actual final set of bidding rules. This should effectively end the ongoing back-and-forth venom-spitting… »10/09/07 7:30pm10/09/07 7:30pm

Google Calls Out Verizon for Trying to "Water Down" Wireless Spectrum Open-Access Rules

Google's beating the drum about the FCC's 700mhz auction rules again—or rather, Verizon's persistent efforts to undercut them. In the latest post on their public policy blog, Google calls out Verizon for trying to "water down" the rules in closed-door meetings, specifically two regarding open devices and open apps,… »10/04/07 6:10pm10/04/07 6:10pm