Verizon's $9.36 Billion 700MHz Plans: High-Speed 4G LTE Network Up and Running Before AT&T

Not that it wasn't obvious, but Verizon's 700MHz plans look a lot like AT&T's. It'll be using the spectrum as the core of their high-speed 4G LTE network. Verizon paid $9.36 billion total, including $4.7 billion for the open access C Block (apparently, it let Google sweat a bit before actually plunking down their… »4/04/08 10:29am4/04/08 10:29am

AT&T to Use 700MHz Spectrum for High-Speed 4G LTE Network

The mandatory period of silence for 700MHz auction participants is over, so AT&T is revealing what's up their sleeve for the prem-o slice of spectrum on a conference call. AT&T Mobility CEO Ralph de la Vega said that it'll give them more flexibility and bandwidth to handle surging demand for mobile broadband now and… »4/03/08 6:05pm4/03/08 6:05pm

All Systems Go: 700MHz Auction Rules and Bidders Stamped in Stone

I know I'm a geek because I'm almost as giddy for this as I am for MacWorld: The rules and bidders (214 of 'em) for 700Mhz spectrum auction, which starts on Jan. 24, have been finalized. No surprises here—the heavies like AT&T, Verizon and Google have their shit in order and the C block fireworks look good to go. [Ars] »1/15/08 11:49am1/15/08 11:49am