WD Joins 7200rpm Club with 320GB 2.5-Inch Scorpio Black Drives

Today Western Digital announced its Scorpio Black 2.5" drive line, which reach 7200rpm, though at 5400rpm power demands. Like certain Fujitsu and Hitachi drives announced earlier this year, the speedy drives will ship in capacities from 80GB up to 320GB. The top model, with built-in free-fall sensor for drive… »6/02/08 8:21am6/02/08 8:21am

Dell First to Offer 7200rpm 320GB Notebook Hard Drives

While a flood of 7200rpm 320GB notebook-sized hard drives dropped not too long ago from pretty much all the majors, Dell is actually the first notebook maker to ante up and offer them (from Seagate) in their 17-inch XPS notebooks. The ballyhoo is 'cause most notebook drives spin at a pokey 5400rpm, and if you wanted… »5/19/08 3:40pm5/19/08 3:40pm

Hitachi's 2.5-Inch HDD Does 7200rpm Speeds With 5400rpm Power

Fujitsu might have been the first to introduce a 2.5" 7200rpm hard drive with 320GB capacity, but Hitachi is hot on their trail. Today, Hitachi announced that they too have a quick lil'-drive, the Travelstar 7K320. The HDD will support the same SATA 3Gbps interface as the Fujitsu, but will supposedly use less power.… »5/07/08 3:01am5/07/08 3:01am

Fujitsu's 7200rpm 2.5-Inch Drives First to Hit 320GB

Today, Fujitsu introduced its MHZ2 BJ drives (heh, heh...BJ), the first 2.5" 7200rpm hard drives to reach the 320GB capacity. They'll be available at the end of June, for an as-yet unannounced price, and will support the SATA 3Gbps interface. So now when go trick out your laptop, you're gonna have a full-on headache… »3/24/08 11:08am3/24/08 11:08am