Palm Treo 755p Now Available from Verizon for $400

The newest Palm, the 755p, is finally available at Verizon, for $400 after $50 mail-in rebate. (Sprint has had it for some time, and sells it for $250 after rebates, etc.) It's got a slimmer design with Internal antenna, accepts MiniSD cards up to 4GB, and comes with support for Microsoft Direct Push technology as well … » 12/17/07 9:44am 12/17/07 9:44am

Verizon Adds Samsung SCH-i760, Palm Treo 755p and Two More WM6 Devices …

As Charlie speculated back in April, Verizon Wireless is adding the Samsung SCH-i760 to its lineup of Windows Mobile 6 smartphones. The QWERTY-equipped horizontal slider will cost $350 after $50 mail-in rebate and two-year contract. » 10/18/07 8:40am 10/18/07 8:40am

Unconfirmed: Sprint Launching Treo 755p, Four Other Phones on 5/14

Our Sprint tipster tells us that the Palm Treo 755p (which comes in Maroon) is going to be released next Monday on the 14th. Along with the Palm OS flavored smarpthone, there's the Motorola W835, Samsung M300 flip phone, Sanyo SCP-3200 flip phone, and the Samsung M510 flip phone. Great news if you're a Palm junkie or a … » 5/07/07 4:50pm 5/07/07 4:50pm