Garmin Rolls Out Nuvi 700 Series Including Nuvi 750, 760 and 770 in US

Garmin made a press announcement confirming its Nuvi 700 for the European market, while quietly posting pages about the Nuvi 750, 760 and 770 to its US site with pricing. The premium devices feature 4.3" widescreen displays and will range from $642 to $1071, with FM transmitters and Nuvi travel kits. The gunmetal gray… » 8/30/07 12:43pm 8/30/07 12:43pm

Olympus Stylus u770SW: Tough Camera, More Pics

We briefly mentioned the Olympus Stylus u770SW point-and-shoot camera in a post last month, but we didn't have very good pictures of it and scant information. A bit more has leaked out about this hardened, waterproof camera that can be taken down to 33 feet underwater, including the fact that has a 7.1-megapixel… » 2/19/07 10:07am 2/19/07 10:07am

Olympus Stylus 770 SW Camera: One Tough Mother

These are some ugly cameras, the photographic equivalent of those Panasonic Toughbooks we kinda like. It's a 7MP camera you can basically beat the crap out of, try drowning, and freezing, without harm. It'll hit depths of 33 feet under water, laugh at drops of nearly 5 feet, and be warm as a kitten in an microwave at… » 1/24/07 9:47pm 1/24/07 9:47pm