Nokia's 7900 Cellphone Shows its Fugly Face

Nokia's 7900 cellphone, which we told you about previously, just got set for release this quarter. The 3G handset will have a 2-inch OLED display, 2MP camera, 1GB internal memory and a customizable keypad, where users will be able to select the backlight color from 49 different possibilities. The 7900 will retail for… » 1/23/08 5:35am 1/23/08 5:35am

Nokia Prism Line Is Official, Still Goofy Looking

I don't know how carving a bunch of geometric lines in a phone helps a company "tap into the cultural zeitgeist," but that's what Nokia is claiming their now-official line of Prism phones does. The lower-end 7500 is your basic multimedia phone complete with music player (MP3/AAC/WMA), 2-megapixel camera and Opera Mini… » 8/07/07 7:51pm 8/07/07 7:51pm

Unconfirmed: Leaked Nokia 7900 Shots and Specs

Those sneaky Germans over at NokiaPort just got their hands on what looks to be a Nokia 7900 shot, complete with specs. If you can get past the weird triangular dialpad (a result of Nokia letting their second string designers have at it?) there's a 1.3-megapixel camera, 1GB internal memory, QVGA display, quad-band GSM… » 6/18/07 1:20pm 6/18/07 1:20pm