Nokia N9: Beautiful Hardware, Zombie Software

Nokia took a striking piece of unibody hardware, coupled it with a 3.9-inch curved glass touchscreen display, removed all the buttons, and topped it with an 8-megapixel Carl Zeiss camera and NFC. Incredible. It's called the N9. But! » 6/21/11 1:02am 6/21/11 1:02am

Samsung Memoir Coming to T-Mobile Feb. 25th for $299

According to some newly leaked docs, the 8MP Samsung Memoir is coming to T-Mobile February 25th, a week later than we'd originally thought for $299 w/2 year contract. [TmoNews via MobileCrunch] » 1/28/09 3:56pm 1/28/09 3:56pm

T-Mobile Is Getting the 8MP Samsung Pixon M8800L Cameraphone Too

Recall that Samsung 8MP shooter that was previously spied in blurrycam photos with T-Mo branding, but then spotted in the FCC's filing cabinets with AT&T's 3G livery? Well, the FCC sleuths over at Boy Genius have dug up the same phone, now designated the T929 and equipped with 1700MHz support for T-Mobile's 3G network… » 12/16/08 5:40pm 12/16/08 5:40pm

Samsung Pixon May Be First 8MP US Camera Phone

Compliments of the FCC, we have some confirmation of rumors that Samsung will be releasing the 8MP Pixon M8800L smartphone to the US market. » 12/15/08 1:47pm 12/15/08 1:47pm

Fujifilm FinePix F480 Cheapie and the Even Cheaper A920

Fuji has two new entry-level digicams coming down the line. First is the Finepix A920, sporting a 9-mp CCD, 4x zoom and a 2.7-inch screen all for $199.95. But if you need your camera to be a little more on the trim side than you'll want to take a look at the F480. This guy has similar specs to the A920 aside from a… » 7/26/07 12:00am 7/26/07 12:00am