Palm Treo 800w Gets Bluetooth Voice Dialing Via Software Update

Treo 800w users can finally do voice dialing over their Bluetooth headsets with this software update pack. One caveat is that you'll need to have the TREO800w-1.03-SPNT as your current "Software Version" under your About screen, so if you don't, you'll have to update to that first. What's the point of using your… »7/29/08 3:00pm7/29/08 3:00pm

Palm Treo 800w Prematurely Sold at Sprint Stores for $350

At least a few Sprint stores loosed Palm's Windows Mobile-powered Treo 800w early, for $350 with a two-year contract and rebate. It's still $600 without. Specs confirmed by field reports: Wi-Fi, EV-DO Rev. A, GPS, 320x320 screen and a 2MP camera. The keyboard is apparently improved, with a lower profile, which goes… »7/11/08 2:58pm7/11/08 2:58pm

Unconfirmed: Upcoming Sprint Roadmap Leaked? Palm Centro 10/14?

A poster on the phonenews forum seems to have come up with the Sprint lineup for the next several months, all the way into early 2008. To start, they have the Motorola V9M on 9/4, the USB EV-DO Novatel U727 modem on 9/30, Palm Gryphon (code name for Palm Centro) and Sanyo S1 2500 on 10/14, LG LX260, HTC Vogue,… »8/21/07 12:45pm8/21/07 12:45pm