Here's How Much Faster New iPhone Wi-Fi Is Than Your Old iPhone's

The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus aren't just bigger and better than ever, they've also got some subtle internal upgrades. I'm not talking processors; the new iPhones are the first Apple handsets to ship with 802.11ac Wi-Fi, and that gives them a hell of a speed boost, as you'll see in this handy video by iClarified. »10/02/14 9:32am10/02/14 9:32am


Qualcomm Atheros Announces 802.11ac Chips, Wireless Connectivity Goes HD

Most every piece of modern electronics has a wireless-connectivity option—TV's, alarm clocks, refrigerators, even thermostats. With all these devices competing for bandwidth—not to mention the demands of streaming media—network performance will suffer. Qualcomm Atheros' new gigabit-capable 802.11ac chips should give… »2/23/12 7:30am2/23/12 7:30am