Vudu Finally Gets Wireless Kit (Works Fine, Expensive by Competitive Measures)

So many products, including the $100 Roku Netflix box, come with wireless, so it was surprising that the $300 Vudu broadband video-on-demand box requires a hard Ethernet connection. Today Vudu announces an $80 Vudu-branded Ethernet-to-802.11g bridge kit built by Asus. I tried it over the weekend, and it worked great. »6/05/08 12:00am6/05/08 12:00am

Sony Mylo 2 Handheld Communicator Keeps Sliding Form Factor, Adds Faster Wi-Fi

There isn't much to know just yet about the Sony Mylo 2, an update of the original Skype/Wi-Fi/Browser/Messaging tool that hit last year. What we do know is that it looks slightly more squarish than the original, it keeps the sliding form factor, adds a camera and has 802.11g as well as 802.11b. The only thing we'd… »12/17/07 2:30pm12/17/07 2:30pm

Buffalo Banned from Selling 802.11a and 802.11g Gear in the US

Australia-based Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation has won a patent infringement suit against Buffalo in a US district court, enjoining sales on all 802.11a, g and n products made by Buffalo as of Oct. 1 (full list here). CSIRO is apparently suing the entire wireless LAN industry, so Buffalo… »10/30/07 6:39pm10/30/07 6:39pm

Vicious New Santa Rosa's LG X-Note Laptops Throw Exclusive Party with Korean Nymphs

According to the Far East wires, a group of vicious LG X-Note laptops powered by Intel Santa Rosa chipsets have been seen in a Korean park while enjoying an exclusive picnic with two young cyborg nymphs. Two of the bigger notebook computers respond to the names of LG X-Note R500 and E500 (aka Biff and Joey Four… »5/08/07 12:14pm5/08/07 12:14pm