PlayStation 3 40GB Bids Adieu, Only 80GB Versions on Sale At Sony

As we reported back in mid July, Sony's finally bid farewell to the 40GB PS3, leaving just the 80GB versions on sale at Sony Style, ending the on-again, off-again 80GB debate. The $500 Metal Gear Solid 4 80GB bundle is available now, but the simple "core" edition is showing a September 1st availability. It'll cost you… » 8/14/08 5:04am 8/14/08 5:04am

New Zune Colors Make the Beast With Two Black Backs

If you've got time and absolutely nothing better to do, you can graba resource explorer and dive into the Zune software. What would you find? Some images of two new Zunes, both with a black back. The current black 80GB and red 8GB Zunes have a silver back, which are also pictured, so these would be new new. It looks… » 5/07/08 7:25pm 5/07/08 7:25pm

80GB PlayStation 3 Not Exactly Discontinued, Just Bundled With Metal Gear Solid 4

The fact that stores everywhere, including Sony's own SonyStyle, were dropping the 80GB seemed to point to a conclusion that the 80GB was on its way out. Not exactly. As we found out today, the 80GB version is going to be back on June 12, but it's going to be packed with a copy of Metal Gear Solid 4 and a DualShock 3 » 2/26/08 5:15pm 2/26/08 5:15pm

SonyStyle Drops the 80GB PS3: Makes its Demise Pretty Damn Official

If you were looking for even more proof that the 80GB PS3 is on its way out, the fact that it is no longer available on the SonyStyle website makes it about as official as you can get outside of a press release. Perhaps that means we are one step closer to that rumored 120GB version we have been hearing so much about. » 2/20/08 8:00pm 2/20/08 8:00pm

Sony Introduces HDMS-S1D, an 80GB Networked Digital Photo Album

Sony appears to be making a consumer-server play, introducing the $400 80GB HDMS-S1D "photo album" for the high-def enjoyment of up to 50,000 still images. You can import photos via Memory Stick slot—but also SD, CF and xD! (Way to go, Sony!) You can connect the HDMS-S1D to your TV via HDMI, and navigate slideshows… » 10/17/07 9:00pm 10/17/07 9:00pm

80GB PlayStation 3 To Get Icky Software Emulation for PS2 Games

We all knew the European PS3s use software emulation to play PlayStation 1 and PlayStation 2 games, but all our US PS3s were doing much better hardware "emotion engine" emulation. But if you want one of the fancy new 80GB PS3s, featuring twenty—count'em, twenty—more jiggabytes than the 60GB model, you'll have to deal… » 7/09/07 2:45pm 7/09/07 2:45pm