15 Toylines from the '80s That Will Never Ever Be Coming Back

The ‘80s were the golden age of the action figure, but not all '80s toylines were gold. For every He-Man or Transformers, there are a dozen series that will never return — either because they’ve been forgotten, or they've been outclassed, or just because they sucked in the first place. Here are 15 toylines whose… » 9/20/13 3:57pm 9/20/13 3:57pm

This Incredible Orgy of '80s Nostalgia Will Melt Your Brain

A year or so ago we posted a video by Smash TV called Skinemax. It's was an incredible supercut of everything 1990s. Smash TV's newest joint is called Memorex, and it's all big hair, crappy video effects, and oh my God I haven't thought about that commercial in decades! » 1/17/13 9:00pm 1/17/13 9:00pm

Wonderfully 80s Boombox Wristwatch Doesn't Play Music

I was all amped up for this little boombox watch until I got to the last sentence over at technabob » 11/16/08 8:00pm 11/16/08 8:00pm. "I only wish the tiny little speakers actually worked," they wrote, at which I wept a little because part of me wanted to relive the smashing acid wash 80s in whatever way I could. I can't lift massive boomboxes onto my…

Real Life Autobots Found in Chinese Scrap Yard

It's got to be tough distinguishing your scrap yard (a big lot filled with junk) from a competitor's scrap yard (another big lot filled with junk). But one Chinese entrepreneur from the Zhejiang province had a plan to promote his particular pile of junk as something special. He'd build full scale Autobot » 10/10/08 3:45pm 10/10/08 3:45pm sculptures.…

Cassette Watch: Best Invention Since the Mix Tape

WARNING: by reading about the Cassette-Face Watch, you too could lose $70 (£35) into the void of online shopping. Constructed of stainless steel and featuring dual dials (one for hours, one for minutes), its faux hand-sketched labels make this accessory transcend normal watch for a moniker more like "really great watch… » 5/28/08 4:50pm 5/28/08 4:50pm

Secret Stasi Files Reveal East German Army Had Porno Unit in '80s

A secret stash of porno movies made by the East German army during the Cold War has been discovered. During the '80s, an amateur film circle was set up in a barracks in Biesdorf, East Berlin, in order to provide blau movies for the army top brass as well as visiting dignitaries. Despite the politburo's anti-pornography … » 3/28/08 8:54am 3/28/08 8:54am