Full Specs for the Blackberry Pearl 8100

The Blackberry Pearl's full stats have been disclosed on Pinstack's forums. Some highlights from the consumer smartphone:
•1.3 MPixel camera, with online storage of photos
•Officially can be used as a laptop modem
•Quad Band GSM, with EDGE data (even if it's the slow T-Mobile kind)
•A 240 by 260 resolution screen
» 8/25/06 11:21pm 8/25/06 11:21pm

BlackBerry 8100 Poses For Pictures, Looking Skinny and Hot

Dave over at Mobility Today got his hands on some pics of the upcoming BlackBerry 8100 that's headed for Cingular. Things look good for the 8100, as BlackBerry is expanding into more consumer-focused items like video and photos, expanding on their business-focused push email and communications features. » 8/07/06 12:14am 8/07/06 12:14am