T-Mobile Gets BlackBerry 8120 With Wi-Fi and Hotspot@Home

Who knew my son would grow up to not only be an international superstar, but the president of a cellular company? And what a nice company it is, getting this fancy Blackberry 8120 with Wi-Fi. It's already been on AT&T, but AT&T don't have no Hotspot@Home calling support for Voice over IP. Makes a momma proud. » 4/01/08 1:40pm 4/01/08 1:40pm

T-Mobile Blackberry 8820, 8120 Launch Gets Scheduled

US T-Mobile subscribers who've been eagerly awaiting the arrival of new Blackberrys (I'm sure you're out there guys) can relax. The Blackberry 8820 will be available as soon as March 24th, and its smaller cousin 8120 hits the upgrade program on April 14th. No word on how much they'll cost you, though. [BoyGeniusReport] » 3/21/08 10:35am 3/21/08 10:35am

New Specs and Pictures out for the BlackBerry Pearl 2

PinStack.com has posted new pictures of the upcoming BlackBerry Pearl 2, as well as some new spec information that will make your eyes bleed in profound joy. According to Pinstack, the new Pearl 2 will have a slew of improvements — from a better email layout and display to improved voice control software. It'll also… » 8/27/07 8:52pm 8/27/07 8:52pm