BlackBerry Curve 8900 And 8MP Samsung Memoir Look Certain For Feb. 18 on T-Mobile

We had a strong suspicion before, but this release memo over at BGR appears to confirm that T-Mobile will get the Curve 8900 and the 8-megapixel Samsung Memoir (which has gone by a number of different names through its FCC process) on February 18. In other shocking news, the 3G-equipped TM506 will be available in… » 12/30/08 2:40pm 12/30/08 2:40pm

BlackBerry Curve 8900 Gets Launch Date, $450 Price Tag in Germany

We knew it was coming to Germany first » 11/12/08 1:15pm 11/12/08 1:15pm, but there's new info that the BlackBerry Curve 8900 will hit the streets there mid-November, and at around $450 (360€) price for a contract-free handset. German T-Mobile subscribers can even get it for as low as $6.20 (5€) with the right kind of 2-year contract monthly plans:…

BlackBerry Curve 8900 Out Next Month on T-Mobile Germany (Everywhere Else Shortly?)

Next month will apparently be a busy one for RIM. Besides launching its first ever touchscreen phone » 10/09/08 5:20pm 10/09/08 5:20pm, the Storm, they'll be pushing out on T-Mobile Germany, says the carrier's site. Formerly known , it brings the down to a smaller form factor. Unfortunately, it doesn't carry over 3G, but it will definitely be…

AT&T Tilt Gets Further Specs, Price, Launch Frame

The AT&T Tilt (also known as HTC Kaiser or AT&T 8925) has further firmed up for a September launch by way of a few leaked details from AT&T. The phone will be $349 with a two-year voice and data plan, push-to-talk, Wi-Fi, 2.8-inch tilting screen, push email, Microsoft Office for WM6, as well as AT&T Mobile Music and… » 9/14/07 3:00pm 9/14/07 3:00pm