Nvidia Bringing GeForce 9400M to Atom Netbooks to Make Them Suck Less

Digitimes says that Nvidia is bringing its GeForce 9400m chipset (from the new MacBooks) to Atom-based netbooks, which would markedly boost graphics performance. Netbooks that don't totally bite balls performance-wise, holee crap. [Digitimes] » 12/09/08 11:30am 12/09/08 11:30am

Nvidia Launch Points to Possible October 14 MacBook Intro

It seems like the stars are aligning for that rumored MacBook intro event » 10/02/08 12:47pm 10/02/08 12:47pm on October 14. Nvidia, which was supposed to launch their MCP7A chipset on September 30, has announced the chipset will actually be available right after the alleged Apple event. Apparently, the new chipset-which is rumored to be part of the new …