BlackBerry Storm Can Cut and Paste, Multitouchily

If browsing through the leaked PowerPoint » 10/06/08 6:30am 10/06/08 6:30am and showing how to sync your contacts or, you know, send an email didn't get your heart pumping, BGR has found a punchier little feature that might. RIM's documentation indicates that multitouch (!!) cut and paste functionality will be built into the Storm's software,…

Touchscreen BlackBerry Storm First Live Shots

The burning question answered by these pics from CrackBerry: What does the touchscreen BlackBerry's keyboard look like? As rumored, landscape gets you full QWERTY, while portrait mode drops you to SureType to squeeze in all the buttons. It's straightforwardly utilitarian-taking up a massive amount of screen real… » 7/13/08 5:24pm 7/13/08 5:24pm

Touchscreen BlackBerry Thunder Is BlackBerry 9500, Has Higher Res…

A bit more tricklage on RIM's "Apple Killer," the touchscreen BlackBerry Thunder: The official model number is the BlackBerry 9500, and the touchscreen is a bit higher res than the iPhone's (360x480 to 320x480). It'll be running OS 4.7.0 (the Bold runs 4.6). As we inch closer to the September release date expect to… » 7/01/08 6:01pm 7/01/08 6:01pm

Touchscreen BlackBerry Thunder Coming Exclusively to Verizon?

While yes, the BlackBerry Bold is a pretty slick looking update to the hallowed BlackBerry line, it still sports a physical keyboard — clearly a quaint remnant of smartphones from a bygone era. What the people want these days are touchscreens, beautiful, difficult to use touchscreens. And that's just what RIM is going… » 5/13/08 11:00am 5/13/08 11:00am