8GB iPhone 3G Will Sell for $99 Alongside 3GS

Apple announced that the 8GB iPhone 3G will sell alongside the iPhone 3GS with a price drop: We've finally gotten the fabled $99 iPhone (with contract, obviously) we've all been wanting. Best of all, it's available immediately. » 6/08/09 3:05pm 6/08/09 3:05pm

Rumor: Financial Times Says Cheaper iPhone in the Works

Citing analysts at Morgan Stanley, the Financial Times claims Apple has plans to release a cheap iPhone at either a $99 or $149 price point, and could possibly announce it Monday at WWDC. » 6/05/09 1:30am 6/05/09 1:30am

$99 Apple Cellphone Inevitable, Analyst Says

The Kaufman Bros.—technology market analysts, plumber aficionados, and part-time acrobatic artists—are arguing that the $99 Apple-branded cellphone is going to happen, echoing what Charlie Wolf already said. Really. One of these days: » 12/05/08 2:38pm 12/05/08 2:38pm