Is This 5-Inch Phone BlackBerry's New Hope?

Looks like BlackBerry’s might be interested in getting in on the enormo-phone scene, with the first leaked image of a phone destined to be known as the A10 seemingly confirming the existence of a 5-inch model—that could upgrade the Z10 with curvier lines and a newer version of BB’s mobile software. » 7/12/13 6:20am 7/12/13 6:20am

Top Gun 2008, the Movie (Without Cruise, Fortunately)

Not everything was about the stunning A-10 Warthog at last week's Top Gun 2008 competition, the largest R/C event in the world. 10,000 people watched the 120 invitation-only R/C airplanes competition—which included everything from from World War I Fokker fighters to WW2's Mustangs and Lightnings to Vietnam War's… » 4/29/08 10:30am 4/29/08 10:30am

A10 RC Model vs the Real Thing at Top Gun 2008

Here's the 1:5 scale A-10 Warthog remote control model in some video action at Top Gun 2008, in Lakeland, FL.—the biggest remote controlled airplane competition in the world. And to match it, a real A-10 appeared on the scene, taking off from a parallel runway. We interviewed Mike Selby, one of the model creators, and… » 4/28/08 10:00am 4/28/08 10:00am