Sony a500, a550 Love Low-Light and HDR; Full-Frame a850 Goes Cheap

The rest of Sony's DSLR refresh—the more expensive part—is here, and it's slight. Their midrange A5x0s get new, low-light-happy Exmor sensors and automatic HDR shooting. The full-frame a850 is almost exactly like the a900, but nearly $1000 cheaper. » 8/27/09 10:08am 8/27/09 10:08am

Sony Alpha900 DSLR Now on Pre-Order, Due 30th October

Sony's much » 9/15/08 7:01am 9/15/08 7:01am mahoosive 25-megapixel Alpha900 DSLR has just popped up on Sony's SonyStyle sales website on pre-order. It's $3,000 with a delivery date on or about the 30th of October, but that looks to be just for the camera body alone: lenses are extra. []

Sony a900 24.6-Megapixel Full-Frame DSLR Official, Only $3000

A day before we expected, Sony's 24.6-megapixel full frame DSLR, the a900, just quietly got official. Shockingly, while it doesn't touch the $2000 mark, it slides in at just $3000. Billed as rocking the world's highest resolution 35mm CMOS sensor, it's the first full-framer to use in-body image stabilization (Sony's… » 9/09/08 9:50am 9/09/08 9:50am

Sony A900 Ad Leaked, Actual Camera Coming September 10th?

Here's the first print ad for the Sony A900, spotted in a Danish photography magazine, enjoying bubbles like an 8-year-old girl. But if that's still not enough to convince you that this 25 megapixel SLR is just days from release, Sony has confirmed an SLR announcement during a Tokyo event next Wednesday. Short of… » 9/04/08 9:33am 9/04/08 9:33am

Sony a900 25-Megapixel DSLR Spotted in the Wild?

We are starting to butt up to Sony's flagship a900 DSLR's release date-August or September, though Sept. strikes me as more likely-so it makes some sense it'd be spotted prancing about in the wild. It's hard to be certain it's an a900, but the spotter says three things made it stand out from other Sonys: the optical… » 6/30/08 12:19pm 6/30/08 12:19pm

Sony's Next Gen Alpha A900 DSLR: 25 Megapixels, Due By September

Sony's Alpha A900 practically blew us away when we first had an opportunity to grope it, which was way back during PMA '08 in January. Well, it looks like the Sony lads are again showing off their 25MP full-frame pro sensor toting DSLR in Japan, along with a launch date of August/September. Our pals at Master Chong… » 3/22/08 9:30am 3/22/08 9:30am