Sagem Orga Crams AGPS System Aboard SIM Card For Non-GPS Phones

Sagem Orga, in partnership with BlueSky is targeting the array of cellphones (and presumably mobile-internet enabled PCs and such) that currently don't have GPS with this new invention: a SIM card with AGPS aboard. Clever stuff indeed, packing all the chips for a "highly accurate GPS receiver", wiring and antenna into… »11/21/08 7:06am11/21/08 7:06am

Nokia's Clamshell "Wahoo" Leaks Out, Looks Weirdly RAZR-Like

This strangeness is a leaked photo of an upcoming Nokia handset, dubbed "Wahoo" internally, and we can't decide if it reminds us more of Motorola's aging RAZR range or the BlackBerry Kickstart. It's got a half-QWERTY keypad, is quad-band and UMTS/HSDPA, has an internal and external display, 2-megapixel camera with… »11/13/08 9:15am11/13/08 9:15am

Sony Ericsson's G705 Slider Handset Officially Official, with Google and YouTube

Sony's just come up with the official word on its new G705 slider handset, and it's not a bad looking gizmo at all. There's a 2.4 inch TFT with auto-rotation, A-GPS, DLNA, quad-band GSM and AGPS, Bluetooth 2.0, FM radio, 3.2-megapixel camera with flash and a Java-based OS. The phone's also got a full HTML browser,… »9/09/08 6:22am9/09/08 6:22am