Verizon Wants to Give You More Channels, But Only Pay For What You…

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Verizon has plans to shake up the TV industry. It simultaneously wants to offer more channels on its FiOS TV service—and only pay for the shows its viewers are actually watching. » 3/18/13 5:34am 3/18/13 5:34am

Sirius CEO Talks A La Carte Satellite Radio Packages

As the resident satellite radio junkie, this bit of information definitely makes my ears perk. Mel Karmazin, the Sirius head-honcho, talked before a House Judiciary Committee Antitrust Task Force about the merger and some a la carte programming packages that may be in the works. He said that there is no current way to… » 3/01/07 5:00pm 3/01/07 5:00pm