Lego Must Make These 80s TV Show Cars ASAP

I'm eagerly awaiting for Lego to release the official Back to the Future sets—note to Billund: you should make the RC model too—but I want more. I want all my childhood remade using Danish bricks (never mind that most of my childhood was actually made of Lego bricks). I really want all the sets above to be official:… » 6/04/13 3:09pm 6/04/13 3:09pm

The A-Team Limousine: Chauffeurs of Fortune

Apparently being a soldier of fortune was no longer lucrative because it looks like the former team of crack commandos we all know and love has taken to chauffeuring around partygoers (and appearing in Warcraft ads) to pay the bills. If you have a prom (or other social event) and no one else can help, you can… » 12/04/07 4:45pm 12/04/07 4:45pm