Sony DR-BT160AS Bluetooth Headphones: Buyable Now for $130

The Sony DR-BT160AS Bluetooth Active Style Headphones popped up »11/18/08 11:45am11/18/08 11:45am on Giz a few months back, and they looked promising if a bit odd, streaming stereo A2DP audio while packing a rechargeable lithium ion battery and a microphone for calls. But we had no pricing or availability information. Now, through the magic of press…

Samsung Ships YP-P2 Media Player, Bluetooth Phone Compatibility To Come

Today in NYC, Samsung finally launched its long-awaited YP-P2 PMP, aka "the P2," the Korean powerhouse's rival to the iPod touch. The P2 features a 3" touchscreen display with an "EmoTure" interfaces that allows you to slide and tap your way through menus. But while it will ship fully functional with A2DP streaming… »11/01/07 2:22pm11/01/07 2:22pm

Plantronics Voyager 855 Bluetooth Headset Does Mono Calls and Stereo Music

Plantronics' latest headset, the Voyager 855, may look like a normal headset, but it actually allows you to be twice as dorky-looking with an add-on earbud attachment to turn it into a stereo headset for music. That's right, the 855 supports A2DP, and you can activate stereo mode by just plugging in the earbud cable,… »9/10/07 2:18pm9/10/07 2:18pm

Nokia Shoots Out Bluetooth Headsets, Bluetooth GPS Modules, Bluetooth Speakers

Nokia's really into this new fangled Bluetooth techno-mology, shooting out Bluetooth addons like they shoot out phones—scattershot, hoping they hit something good with at least one. They've got the LD-4W GPS module, BH-903 Stereo Bluetooth Headset with A2DP, BH-0-2 (non-Stereo) Bluetooth headset, MD-7W Bluetooth… »8/27/07 5:20pm8/27/07 5:20pm

Peiker BlueTouchMusic: Music from Cellphone to Car via Bluetooth

You might have completely up-to-date, 2007-era gear everywhere else, but what if your car is still stuck in 1995? That's where you can hook up the Peiker BlueTouchMusic system, linking your cellphone to your car's music system via Bluetooth. It lets you wirelessly play back tunes from your cell phone with A2DP… »1/17/07 8:35am1/17/07 8:35am