This Is How The Pope Will Fly In America

Pope Francis arrived in the U.S. yesterday for a six-day multi-city historic visit aboard an Alitalia Airbus A330, at which point he transferred to a Fiat 500L. But the Holy See of the Catholic Church will be flying aboard a chartered American Airlines Boeing 777 throughout his tour of America, an airline which a Pope… »9/23/15 6:25pm9/23/15 6:25pm


Qantas Now Pretty Sure That Your iPod Didn't Almost Crash Their Plane

Early last week a Qantas Airlines Airbus A330 surprised (and injured) its passengers with an inexplicable 300ft climb, followed by an even larger drop. Initial reports »10/15/08 5:00am10/15/08 5:00am seemed to place blame on interference from personal electronics — something that Qantas had claimed before. After the news made the rounds the…

Qantas Looking To Blame A330's Sudden Drop in Altitude On Passengers' Gadgets?

Earlier this week, a Qantas A330 inexplicably climbed 300 feet and then suddenly nose-dived back down. In the cabin, 71 people were injured. Interestingly, the ATSB is now looking at in-cabin interference from personal electronics »10/09/08 1:45pm10/09/08 1:45pm as a possible cause of the "irregularity with the aircraft's elevator control system."…