Airbus Could Ground All Its A380s For Weeks for Wing Repairs

Airbus's fleet of A380s has been beleaguered by problems with cracks in their wings since January. Now, the company has announced that they could all be grounded for up to eight weeks in order to repair the problems. » 6/11/12 12:20pm 6/11/12 12:20pm

New Airbus A30x Planes Look Straight Out of Coruscant Skies

While Boeing is struggling to get the Dreamliner into the skies, Airbus is already planning their A30X next generation aircraft, which include really cool stuff like forward swept wings, u-tails, and lower-placement engines. Their five-decker A380 replacement is even crazier. » 9/21/09 1:40pm 9/21/09 1:40pm

Stratos Double-Deck Airplane May Be the Future of Aviation

The Stratos is one of those commercial planes that actually makes me think "this is how the future will look like". Rather than just being the same old basic design that has been with us forever now, the Stratos has a large 237-foot wingspan and two massive engines mounted on the back, giving it a way more stylized… » 11/24/08 7:20pm 11/24/08 7:20pm

Tailcam Video Shows Awesome Plane's-Eye-View of A380 in Flight

Click to view » 8/06/08 10:00am 8/06/08 10:00amThis video is a feed from the Tailcam in an as the aircraft takes-off. The cam feed can be shown on the seat-back displays and gives you an almost Superman-like view of the aircraft from 79-feet up at the top of the tail. It's pretty amazing watching the behemoth aircraft surge slowly down the runway and…

Biggest Airplane Model in the World Eaten by Biggest Cargo Aircraft

This is an Airbus A380 » 8/06/08 8:00am 8/06/08 8:00am-the largest passenger aircraft in the world-eaten alive by an Antonov AN-124-the largest mass-produced cargo airplane in the world (which I at Dubai's airport). Before you exclaim "Photoshop!", this a real photo by . However, it's a real A380: it's a 1/3 scale model, which makes it the biggest…