Here's Two More Samsung Phones You Probably Shouldn't (And Can't) Buy

The latest things to dance out of Samsung's hyperactive R&D department are the A5 and A3, a pair of all-metal, super-thin phones aimed at teenagers. However, they're also "optimized for social networking" and feature a "5MP Camera For Unmatched Selfies", which probably mean that they'll be terrible. » 10/30/14 11:13pm 10/30/14 11:13pm

Apple's New, Colorful iPhone 5C Is Full of iPhone 5 Guts

We'd all heard the rumors—the many, many rumorsbut it's finally official. Apple has just announced a new, alterna-iPhone that's coming to you in a rainbow of colors for (slightly) less money. But the real question is what's lying beneath those pretty colors—something we actually haven't heard too much about. And as… » 9/10/13 1:28pm 9/10/13 1:28pm

Apple Giving Supafast A5 Chip-Powered iPhones to Devs For Test Drives

According to 9to5Mac, Apple's gearing up for the next iPhone by handing out select handsets with the iPad's A5 processor instead of iPhone 4's A4 guts. The devices themselves (dubbed "iPhone 4S" by the site's source due to its external similarity to the Apples current-gen handset) may not be iPhone 5 hardware, but the… » 4/21/11 4:57pm 4/21/11 4:57pm

Wild Codemonkeys Discover the A5 Processor Will Be in the iPhone 5

Someone went digging through the iOS 4.3 code and discovered the same code for the A5 processor in references for both the iPad 2 and iPhone 5. I don't think this was ever really a question, but if you need every bit of confirmation you can get, there's some more. [Filippo Biga via Electronista] » 3/09/11 6:38pm 3/09/11 6:38pm

Foldable Airplane Is Designed For Thrill-Seeking Wusses

The ICON A5 is a light sport airplane (LSA) designed for everyday people (who happen to have enough money for not only a second car but a first plane). Aside from the fact that an LSA takes less training to pilot, the A5 focuses on the little things that almost make the idea of owning a plane feasible—easier storage… » 6/12/08 4:40pm 6/12/08 4:40pm

Gizmodo Theme Song Contest: Vote for the Winner

The Gizmodo Theme Song Contest finished up last week. I compiled nine of the better entries and now leave it to you, the readers, the vote for the winner. The winner will receive of pair of Audioengine A5 speakers valued at $350. Big thanks to Audioengine for sponsoring this contest. Now, hit the jump to listen to all… » 11/13/06 1:56pm 11/13/06 1:56pm