Report: Apple's Next-Gen Chips Will Be Made By Samsung Again

Apple's had a turbulent time with Samsung, both in the courtroom and the marketplace—which in part helped inspire Cook and co's recent move away from Sammy as a chip supplier. But according to a new report, Apple is hopping back into the silicon bed with South Korea's finest. » 7/15/13 4:42am 7/15/13 4:42am

Next-Gen Audi A8 Includes Handwriting Recognition, Bafflingly

Think texting while driving is dangerous? How about leaning over to the center console to scrawl "NEAREST BATHROOM!!!!!" on your car's navigation system with a stylus? Audi's next-gen A8 includes handwriting recognition to make that dangerous dream a dangerous reality. » 7/30/09 8:30pm 7/30/09 8:30pm