ABC Online Player Getting Solid Upgrades

ABC is making some notable upgrades to their video streaming website. The service will now offer full-screen viewing, closed captioning and the option to embed videos a la YouTube—all on top of a more robust search engine. Apparently after being the first network video player online, it's leading over the market with… » 5/22/08 10:13am 5/22/08 10:13am

ABC.com to Deliver HD Programming Online This Summer

ABC's online content is about to get better. Starting this July the network will launch a broadband HD channel on ABC.com that'll stream shows like Lost and Grey's Anatomy in 720p. The plan is to start small and bulk up the network's offerings come the fall season. No word on what bit-rate ABC will be using to… » 5/16/07 5:20pm 5/16/07 5:20pm