'Abdominal Etching' Provides a Six-Pack Without the Exercise

Do you want a hot set of washboard abs to impress the ladies with? Are you also much too lazy to actually do the sit-ups required to get them naturally? Good news, America! You can get "abdominal etching" done, a form of plastic surgery that gives you a six-pack without the work. For a mere $4,000 to $7,000 you too… »11/09/07 11:20am11/09/07 11:20am

CMS BounceBack Pro Keeps Your Data Secure From Mud and Prying Eyes

We've covered the bounceback ABS backup drives before, but they've got a new version and a new spokesman. The ABS Plus drives range in size from 40GB to 160GB, and work on both PC and Mac. Whenever you plug in a BounceBack Professional-enabled drive, it automatically initiates an entire backup of your machine,… »10/17/06 9:15pm10/17/06 9:15pm