Scary creatures are hiding inside our washing machines

Next time you do laundry, don't just walk away after you put the load in. You'll miss the monsters. Because if you stare through the looking glass, you'll discover terrifying creatures that look like they come from Guillermo del Toro's imagination trapped inside. » 7/16/14 11:31pm 7/16/14 11:31pm

What Abstract Art Would Look Like in Real Life

Fantastic artist Flora Borsi, who once hilariously photoshopped herself into old pictures, imagines a world where abstract art models are actually real people. Like if the features and characteristics that were exaggerated in classic art pieces actually existed. » 5/06/13 10:49pm 5/06/13 10:49pm

These Abstract Art Pieces Are Made By Having Sex

Now here's art we can all get behind. Love Is Art is a project by artist Jeremy Brown where you (and a bed partner) create art by stripping naked, dousing yourself in body paint and having sex all over the canvas. Yes, seriously. The paint that ends up on the canvas is the result of your horizontal shuffle dance. » 11/14/12 1:00am 11/14/12 1:00am