Apple Ships Tiny iPhone USB Power Adapter in Huge Anti-Green Package

This one will probably make the Greenpeace douchebags »10/26/08 10:22pm10/26/08 10:22pm moan with pleasure: It seems that the Apple replacement parts department didn't get Steve's memo pushing for green this, recycled that, and reduced packaging materials. At least judging from the needlessly huge box used to ship this iPhone replacement: Indeed it…

Flying Saucer Surge Protector Keeps All Plugs Separate

There have been many solutions to the problem of fat AC adapters clogging up your surge protectors (like this), but this ezSpace UFO flying saucer protector from ezGear looks like it can actually be filled with all AC adapters without colliding. The secret is that it's pretty huge and shaped like an flipped-over bowl,… »12/19/07 5:40pm12/19/07 5:40pm

Microsoft Starts Xbox 360 Racing Wheel Retrofit Program to Prevent Your House From Burning Down

Similar to the way that the power cables on the original Xbox had problems with possibly catching on fire, the Xbox 360 Racing Wheel can possibly cause your wheel to "overheat" and "release smoke." Thanks to a couple instances of this happening, Microsoft is instituting a program where you can get an AC adapter… »8/23/07 11:40am8/23/07 11:40am