Why USB Ports Could Be the Power Outlets of the (Very Near) Future

There's a lot to love about USB. The plugs are small and convenient. The cable can carry both power and data. Plus, USB is, well, universal. This is why USB is considered by some to be the future of electricity. Smart grids, more convenient storage, solar power—according to a new Economist report it's all easier with… »10/23/13 12:20pm10/23/13 12:20pm


Travel Gets Even More Unpleasant: Now an Airport Charges You for Power

As if being wedged into cramped, nearly-airless flying sardine cans wasn't already unpleasant enough, now sleazy greedmeisters at the Dallas-Fort Worth airport are fleecing you for $2 to use electrical outlets while you wait for your ordeal. Let's hope this idea doesn't spread around. Couldn't it have at least been a… »2/22/07 11:05am2/22/07 11:05am