What Happens When You Throw Lego Bricks Into a Washer for Science

It's a tale as old as time: College co-eds get together on a Saturday night. Drinks are flowing. Hearts beat fast with excitement. The wall starts pounding with the steady thump-thump-thump of passion. You know, because some masters and doctoral students decided to see what happens when you toss a bunch of Lego bricks… » 11/11/13 4:44pm 11/11/13 4:44pm

How Stanford Feeds Silicon Valley—At a Cost

Stanford is a hot house for the technology industry, producing a constant stream of graduates who have gone on to set up and run the great and good of Silicon Valley. But while such a close working relationship has seen many successes, the sheer quantities of money involved make the set-up increasingly tense. » 4/24/12 4:28am 4/24/12 4:28am

UCLA Thinks Their Faculty Could Have Helped Expedite the Hunt for Osama…

Those Angeleno academics over at UCLA (along with a few others) were smug enough to suggest on Twitter that some tracking algorithm to come from the halls of Westwood in 2009, could have sped up the hunt for Osama. » 5/03/11 9:40pm 5/03/11 9:40pm