The Petite Particle Accelerator: A Proton Gun For Killing Tumors

Since 1990, doctors have been regularly treating cancer patients using proton beams, which work similarly to radiation. Proton therapy is more precise, however, causing less harm to healthy surrounding tissues. Unfortunately, generating a proton beam requires a particle-accelerator facility that's the size of an… »3/26/12 1:00pm3/26/12 1:00pm

ADS InstantVideo To-Go Accelerates iPod and PSP Video Encoding

ADS announced InstantVideo To-Go, a nifty little $79.95 widget that supercharges compression of video into that oh-so-sweet H.264 format. The company calls it the first hardware-based H.264 conversion device for PCs. This little USB key is a video transfer accelerator that lets you convert any video into that… »11/20/06 8:43am11/20/06 8:43am