Gyration MotionSense Air Mouse Don't Need No Stinkin' Mousemat

Movea's Gyration Motionsense Air Mouse adds to the ranks of new mice »9/24/08 8:00am9/24/08 8:00am with gyros and accelerometers inside so you can control your computer just by waving them mid-air. It's an ambidextrous mouse using 2.4GHz wireless tech with 100-foot range and it's got both customizable buttons and gesture recognition. Inside there…

SpeakingObject: A Voice Synthesizer Driven by Your Quaking Annoyance

The speakingObject is a voice-synthesizing board that's easily tweaked with two buttons and a typical three-axis accelerometer. What's that mean? You get a completely original, vaguely human techno-ready track with the flick of a wrist. And yes, it's only a matter of time before some tripped-out a'hole at a concert… »8/25/08 11:15am8/25/08 11:15am

Sensor-Packed Pajama Pants Analyze Grandpa's Walk For Potential Falls

Researchers at Virginia Tech hope to combat injuries suffered from elderly falls with these teched-out pants, which employ multiple sensors sewn into your standard flannel jams (aka blogging pants) to monitor the gait of the wearer for early diagnosis potential problems. So long as he doesn't shuffle out of Bluetooth… »7/30/08 6:10pm7/30/08 6:10pm

iPhone Apps We Want To Like: A-Level Could Replace the Floating-Bubble Level, Soon

I was really excited to see A-Level hit the App Store today-I've actually needed to use a level recently, but I don't have one. And replacing a physical tool with a 99-cent mobile software app is what the future's all about, right? But after grabbing it and giving it a test, it's a well-executed app but with one fatal… »7/22/08 6:40pm7/22/08 6:40pm

Laptop Accelerometers Used to Study Earthquakes, Desk "Bumping"

Seismologists at Stanford are learning from their roommates over in the biology department and rigging up a distributed computing system to gather quake data from laptops with accelerometers. It's used to save resources for scientists by using assets (your laptops) that are already deployed in a widespread area.… »4/24/08 12:20pm4/24/08 12:20pm