Make It Easier to Read Text on Your Phone

The software running on the smartphone in your pocket has a bunch of options to help improve readability, and whether you have a serious problem with your eyesight or you just want to spend less time squinting, they can make a big difference to usability. Here's how to get text looking bigger and sharper on the latest… » 12/19/14 11:25am 12/19/14 11:25am

Intel's Trying To Help Stephen Hawking Get His Speech Back Up to Speed

Stephen Hawking is a survivor. He's been valiantly holding his own against ALS disease for 50 years now, but it's still taking its toll. The cheek-twitching mechanism he's been using to talk for the past 10 years isn't quite as efficient as it used to be. He's down to one word per minute at times, but Intel's CTO is… » 1/19/13 4:11pm 1/19/13 4:11pm

How Kinect Got an Autistic Kid Gaming

GamingNexus editor John Yan has a four-year-old son with a mild form of autism. The little guy's tried to play 360 and PS3 but has trouble getting a hold on the controllers. With Kinect, though, he was an instant pro. » 11/10/10 3:20pm 11/10/10 3:20pm

How the iPhone Helped a Blind Person See Color

"I have seen a lot of technology for the blind, and I can safely say that the iPhone represents the most revolutionary thing to happen to the blind for at least the last ten years." » 9/20/10 3:20pm 9/20/10 3:20pm

Giz Explains: How Blind People See the Internet

Your eyes are absorbing this webpage. They're passing over this, this, then this word, right now. That's how reading works, online: you take this for granted. But what if you couldn't? » 8/24/10 2:00pm 8/24/10 2:00pm

Father Invents System to Help Autistic Son Communicate

As a result of severe autism and learning disabilities, eleven-year-old Callum Lodge is unable to talk. In order to allow his son to communicate with the world around him, his father has developed Speaks4me, an electronic communication system. » 4/23/10 10:53pm 4/23/10 10:53pm

Smartphones Turn Into Assistants For The Blind

We've seen software and applications designed to assist visually impaired individuals in the past, but nothing's been quite what we're shown in this video. The LookTel software actually allows phones to recognize and audibly identify objects almost instantly. » 3/31/10 1:00am 3/31/10 1:00am

A Wheelchair Controlled By Man's Mighty Will

We've seen a few instances of mind-controlled wheel chairs, and now researchers from the University of Zaragoza, Spain, offer us yet another amazing prototype. » 5/04/09 1:10pm 5/04/09 1:10pm

Google Makes It Easy for Blind to Dial on Touchscreens

How could a blind person ever possibly dial on a touchscreen? Really, any ideas? Google engineers T.V. Raman and Charles Chen have developed a system that's so simple it's almost embarrassing. » 4/03/09 9:04am 4/03/09 9:04am

InVision Case Makes the iPhone Blind-Friendly, Defiantly Screenless

The screen-based controls and rich visuals that make a device like the iPhone an attractive option for deaf users aren't of much use to the visually impaired. By employing a combination of an embossed "Moon Type" alphabet casing, a custom home screen and a screenreading app, the InVision solution could (awkardly)… » 12/01/08 6:55am 12/01/08 6:55am

Seeing Machine Sheds a Little Light

Star Trek's Geordi still has the advantage over this "seeing machine" designed by a legally-blind poet at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, but for $4000, this represents the current state of the art. It's housed in a box that's rather small, but it's not small enough to fit inside a pair of Star Trek glasses… » 6/12/06 11:29am 6/12/06 11:29am

Cell Phone designed for Senior Citizens

With all the emphasis on phones that are thinner and more feature-rich, Emporia is targeting a different demographic with the EmporiaLife handset. Think of it as the large-print Reader
s Digest version of the Razr. Big buttons and an easy to read LCD make it easy for someone with failing eyesight to operate the… » 3/13/06 2:47pm 3/13/06 2:47pm