12-Inch Aspire One to Feature Full Sized Keyboard, Long Battery

Acer is planning the release of an 11.6-inch Aspire One. It's a lot like the 10-inch version, but it will feature the Atom Z530 processor (as opposed to the N270), which as my pea brain understands it, features identical clocks speed to the N270/280s but lower power consumption. The system also features a GMA500… »3/23/09 8:20am3/23/09 8:20am

Dealzmodo: $300 MSI Wind or Acer Aspire at Microcenter

If you don't have big plans this weekend, Microcenter will be selling both the MSI Wind »11/18/08 4:00pm11/18/08 4:00pm and for $300 in-store only on November 22nd. After recent price reductions, both 1.6GHz Atom systems retail for $350. But as we all learned in grade school, $50 is $50. And if you can ever save $50, that's just more money you can…