Acer's 8-Hour Aspire Timeline Drops to $599, Available Now

Acer has finally made an honest product of its Aspire Timeline, so to speak, and Intel's brand-new ULV processors, designed for precisely these kinds of laptops, make a surprise appearance, pulling the base price down to $599, from $699. » 6/02/09 10:20am 6/02/09 10:20am

Acer Aspire Timelines Get 8-Hour Battery Life for $699, Look Vaguely…

The Aspire Timeline notebooks looks sorta familiar, but I can't quite put my finger on it. Hmm. Anyway, they squeeze out 8-10 hours of battery life and start at just $699. » 4/07/09 8:04pm 4/07/09 8:04pm