Acer Shows Off an Android Tablet (Which Looks Like an Ereader)

Regular readers will know that Acer's been planning ereaders and tablets for some time, but the Dubai-based Shufflegazine saw Acer's CEO fondling what looks like an ereader (check out the QWERTY keypad)—despite him calling it an Android-powered tablet. » 5/27/10 4:17am 5/27/10 4:17am

Acer Will Not Release Tablet Competition for the iPad

Acer, in contrast to what we'd heard before, has just said that they'll not be making a tablet to compete with the iPad, instead focusing on ultra-thin laptops. Acer sees these ultra-thins, including many that will run Google Chrome. Acer was cock-sure enough to mention that an iPad-like tablet "would not pose any… » 2/01/10 7:53pm 2/01/10 7:53pm