Liquid Image Ego LS Action Camera Has 4G for Instant Bragging Rights

Liquid Image has a new action cam coming out in June. It looks very not-unlike a GoPro. It shoots 1080p video at 30fps or 720p at 60fps. Nothing so outstanding there. What's unique, though, is that it'll attach to a 4G module. In other words you can instantly stream video from anywhere. That means your friends can… » 1/05/14 9:03pm 1/05/14 9:03pm

A Canon-Friendly Cage to Fix Your GoPro's Sad Battery Life

As people find more creative uses for GoPro cameras, the device's biggest drawback—paltry battery life—becomes more and more glaring. Thankfully, there is now a device that lets you use Canon DSLR batteries to give your GoPro a whole lot of extra juice. » 11/19/13 11:00am 11/19/13 11:00am

How the GoPro Became the Best Selling Camera In the World

The GoPro is an amazing action camera that lets people record extreme sports, daredevil feats, and other spectacles. Just a few years ago, it would have been impossible. But, today, it is the best-selling camera in the world. » 11/11/13 1:00pm 11/11/13 1:00pm

Lens-Friendly Novo Action Cam Turns Your Extreme Stunts Into Cinematic …

The action cam field is pretty crowded at this point, so how do you make consumers choose your offering over a GoPro? The easiest way is to just repackage the GoPro in a sturdier housing that makes it compatible with C-mount lenses and call it the Novo. » 4/08/13 2:00pm 4/08/13 2:00pm

Monoprice MHD Action Cam Review: Not Bad for $100

It has pretty much been settled that the way to go for a premium action-cam these days is the GoPro Hero3. But not everyone has that kind of cash to throw around. The Monoprice MHD offers a simple and cheap alternative for capturing your adventures. » 3/19/13 3:34pm 3/19/13 3:34pm

A Teeny Tiny Action Cam with a Half Decent Sensor: Must Be for Porn?

Here's the Ego Mini, the tiniest Wi-Fi enabled action cam around. It's 1.62 x 0.86 x 2.05 inches little, and Liquid Image says it's designed to be less about "fun" and more about "function." Translation: This might be when action cams turn the corner off of Action Replay Avenue and onto Pervy Perv Sex Video Boulevard. » 1/06/13 8:18pm 1/06/13 8:18pm

GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition Review: Yes, It's the Best (Updated)

Yes, it's action cam season. Sony's entered the market, Contour has updated its line with the Contour+2. But what about the latest from the brand that's come to define the category—the Kleenex of action cams, if you will? » 11/28/12 3:37pm 11/28/12 3:37pm

A Sports Cam With Eyes On the Back of Its Head Captures Twice the…

Now here's a unique take on the seemingly unending supply of action sports cams hitting the market. Oregon Scientific's ATC Chameleon packs a pair of adjustable lenses on the front and back of the camera with 110-degree fields of view. So athletes can share what's happening behind the camera, as well as what's in… » 11/14/12 3:20pm 11/14/12 3:20pm

The GoPro Hero3's 4K Resolution Is Wonderfully Useless

GoPro's brand spankin' new line of its popular action-cams offers a lot of great upgrades: The cams are smaller, lighter, and have higher frame rates. Sweet! The Black version also offers 4K video recording—a feature sure to make headlines and widen the eyes of video gear-heads. It is ultimately nothing but a vacuous… » 10/17/12 12:14pm 10/17/12 12:14pm

GoPro's Rugged New Hero3 Shoots 4K Video

Despite Contour offering some stiff competition of recent time, think of an action cam, and the name GoPro probably comes to mind. The company is trying to cement that reputation with the Hero3, which claims to be smaller, lighter and record better quality footage than its predecessor. » 10/17/12 3:33am 10/17/12 3:33am

Contour+2 Review: Sweet Images, Sloppy Mounts

Think of an action cam, and the name GoPro probably comes to mind. But there are a lot of alternates to consider, as a recent action cam Battlemodo proved. One brand, Contour, has always been just a step away from gaining GoPro-style notoriety. The recently announced Contour+2 might change that. » 10/04/12 12:40pm 10/04/12 12:40pm

Contour+2: Can this New Action Camera Finally Dethrone the GoPro?

The Contour+2 is an upgraded version of the company's action-cam flagship, the Contour+. Having always played second fiddle to the ubiquitous GoPro, Contour is seeking to entice buyers with a slew of new social media and smartphone features to finally put them ahead of the pack. » 9/05/12 9:00am 9/05/12 9:00am